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Originally Posted by Scotlandthebrave View Post
177 with the Commando KIEFFER;

Good answer from Scotlandthebrave, only talking of soldiers who landed.

You may add a few 1000s if you count the crews from french ships & planes involved in D Day landing. Other troops landed later during the Normandy campaign, eg 2e DB, which despite later deployment made its path up to Eagle Nest Berchtesgaden, via Paris.

Worth to mention too that most of fighting frenchs troops were fighting hard times at D Day Normandy landing time in Italy, and to remind as well that out of the 350 000 troops who partipated to the Provence landing in August, almost a quarter of million (230 000) were frenchs, including my grand father. Simple reason for this is that most of the fighting frenchs soldiers were closer to Provence (either fighting in Italy, or massed in North Africa -a then french colony- waiting for the landing in provence).


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