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Hi Magpie, Look no further than the Forum Albums. Here are some of my 162nd Battalion collection.
The battalion was raised in a rural area of Ontario, recruiting from Parry Sound, across the Hwy 124 area, into Burk's Falls, up to Sundridge, Trout Creek, Powassan and some activity in the area just south of North Bay. It was bounded on the east by Algonquin Park. The area is mostly Canadian Shield, with pockets of farming. It was a major lumbering area at the turn of the century into the First World War era. As such, the population was sparse, and the communities were small and very young. The area had just been settled around the turn of the century. The major transportation link was the north - south railways, with no major highway connection until around the 1930's. The battalion (or part of it) camped in Sundridge before moving to Camp Borden. The recruitment area explains the low numbers in the battalion.
There are at least three finishes for the badges, a darkened copper, with the numbers in plain copper. (Probably removed by the soldiers.) A darkened brass badge, and a plain brass badge. All have matching collars, and the collars are only one side. I have never seen a pickled finish on 162nd Bn badges. While none of the badges are easy to find, (and I live near the area), the brass are quite scarce. I am of the opinion that they may have been for nco's or perhaps even officers. Stamped lugs, the Ellis pattern are the most common, but there are badges that have wire lugs.
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