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Nice and unusual wing Mike – stunning condition to boot.

I called up an old friend, in his 90’s now, who was raised on the Isle of Wight, to see if he remembered or had any pictures of the pre-war airline for the Southern Railway. He was young in those days but did make a few trips to London with his folks. Like most in that era, they always took the ferry from Ryde over to Portsmouth and then the “fast” train (express I presume) to London. He wasn’t aware of the airline but said only the very wealthy would have flown in those days. Perhaps that makes your badge even rarer.

Just a comment on how things have changed, he remembers their family bought milk for the small local farms and in some cases, the unpasteurized products would spread TB. I guess not everyone had been vaccinated in the 30’s. Hmm, I wonder if there is a lesson in there somewhere??

All the best.
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