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Originally Posted by Fatherofthree View Post
Greetings Diehard.

Interesting item

I have never seen one like this and unless I'm very much mistaken, I believe it is a fantasy item.

My reasoning for this is that in 1908 when Rifle Volunteer units became, in the main, Volunteer Battalions of Regular Regiments, the 2nd Middlesex RVs provided a number of Officers and other ranks to become the 10th Battalion Middlesex Regiment.

Your badge, appears from the front, to be a 10th Battalion item, as indicated by the blank/erased/altered scroll, which if it were a 7th/8th/9th battalion would show the South Africa connection on the scroll.

When the 10th was formed, although a number of men from the old 2nd Middlesex RVs had served in South Africa in The Boer War, the new Battalion, (10th) was not allowed to show this distinction on their cap badges.

Therefore, there should not be a South Africa scroll attached to this item.

Would it be possible to show a picture of the reverse please, top see how this additional scroll is fixed.

Hope this helps.



Brian - hope this helps. Iíve had this badge for about 40 years now is thatís relevant at all.
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