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Originally Posted by jlarysz View Post
Can anyone identify this shoulder patch for me? It's a blow up from the only photograph I have of my father during WWII. He was Polish. He escaped from Poland after the invasion, signed up with the British Army in Haifa, and was placed initially in the Independent Carpathian Rifles. At some point he was transferred (or reorganised) to the 3 Carpathian Infantry. If I knew what unit this patch belongs to I can get closer to where and when the picture was taken.

The earliest that your photo can be taken is February 1944, when 2 Polish Corps moved from Egypt to Italy. This Corps included 3 Carpathian Division.

Of course, the pic could have been taken later in the war, in Italy, but you do have a start date.

Here is some information on the 2 Polish Corps. It is only wiki, but you can just go on from there.
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