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Originally Posted by Alan O View Post
As regards official versus unofficial, as described in the posts above the badges shown were official designs and some may have been ordered by the MOD and then not required; to be sold off by the manufacturer or by the MOD disposals. It is clear that any order was cancelled in 1968. There is a clear distinction between them and the unofficial commissions such as the F&F yeomanry and they are indeed in 2 camps.

It is not impossible that between 1968-71,the 8 man cadres wore some of these stock; The Berkshire Yeomanry history does state that their cadre wore a w/m horse on a red plastic oval backing but I am not 100% confident about this as the book was retrospectively written and is patchy in other places.

If my badges had a contemporary marking then they could have been one of these 1968 badges. However I think it highly likely that the Gaunt London Ltd is a later mark; even later than Gaunt Bham. This would make them candidates for latter day unofficial commissions.

At the end of the day I have the examples in my collection, in the same way that I have the Hants&Glosters, but I would not pay a premium price for them.
Hello all,

Having read this fascinating thread I now find myself a little confused regarding the chicken and egg scenario (which one came first) regarding the Gaunt London and Gaunt Birmingham marks on AA badges, if my memory serves me correctly (which it may not, having no reference material to hand as I'm away from home) Chris as I do/did believes the London mark to be earlier than the Birmingham mark and Alan in this post believes the Birmingham mark to be earlier than the London, can anyone elaborate on this issue as whilst it may sound petty it does actually have a big affect on some research I have been doing regarding the insignia to the Leeds Rifles.

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