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Wessex Regt. The Wessex Regt was formed in 1971. 1st was formed from the Wessex Volunteers which was brought into existence in Feb 1966 by the disbandment of the 5 county regts TA Bns.

The Wessex Vols was made up by 5 companies each drawn from the old TA Bn.

In 1966 they decided to wear the Wessex bde badge. Dress regs for this were published in Jan 1967.

"The Battalion's badge was the Wessex Brigade's Wyvern' - white metal on berets or gold wire on officers' cap for officers, and gilt metal (sic anodised) for NCOs and soldiers.'
The regulations were amended 3 times - stable belt in 1968, removal of former regtl distinctions (collars, flashes etc) in 1973 and a lanyard in 1973.

Source: 1 Wessex A West Country Territorial Army Bn' by Martin Lee Browne 2009.

It was the Wessex Vols who became 1 Wessex in 1971.

The 2nd battalion as raised as 2 Wessex. This was formed up from the 8 man cadres of the Bucks Regt RA, Hants&IOW Territorials, Royal Berkshire Territorials and Dorset Territorials.

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