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Originally Posted by 1stTankie View Post
How dare they!! I'm sure that can't be true.

Best wishes

Originally Posted by Mike H View Post
The RTR wear black berets, nobody else. The other cavalry regts wear dark blue except for the KRH who wear brown and the RSDG who wear grey and the QRH with their green.
On OCA days I have clearly seen brethren of the 8th KRIH wearing a pure black beret (note - pure black, not dark blue) and I'm aware that this was an issue item to all armoured cavalry from 1939 onwards until various regimental colonels started introducing coloured berets.

The Observer Corps wore black berets too, with RAF blue uniforms.

The IRA wear black berets too

EDIT: confirms that the entire Royal Armoured Corps wore black berets from 1940 onwards. The current schedule for the wearing of black berets is:

Royal Tank Regiment
W (Westminster Dragoons) Squadron
Royal Yeomanry
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