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Default 1st Commonwealth Division

1st Commonwealth Division was formed on 15 Jul 51. Its main components on formation were 25 Canadian Infantry Brigade, 28 British Commonwealth Infantry Brigade (which included 3 RAR) and 29 British Infantry Brigade. Divisional Troops included British, Canadian, New Zealand and Indian units. Apart from the proliferation of "bazaar"-made items from Korea and Japan, the standard printed (later silk embroidered) signs were the first and second patterns of the Tudor Crown variant. First pattern had the word COMMONWEALTH on a white panel. The second pattern did not. In 1952 the crown changed to the St Edward's Crown.
On 15 Apr 56 1st Commonwealth Division was redesignated Commonwealth Contingent Korea.
As far as I know the official formation sign was the UK made item - in its variants. I don't think that non-British troops wore versions of the sign made in, for example, Canada or Australia. But I'll be delighted to be proved wrong!
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