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Originally Posted by Panther1 View Post
Hi Peter,
Thanks for your response. Thankyou for pointing out my error of listing the Manchester Regiment as the Kings, my mistake.
I have a Cheshire badge, I just to make sure it is the correct pattern. The other battalions you have listed, do they have their own cap badges, as the 7th Bn Manchester Regiment does?
I have also been unable to find a badge for the Lancastrian and Cumbrian Volunteers.
I am hoping to get the badges mounted this week, as long as my boss doesn't give me work to do!

I am unsure as to what time period your display is intended to cover, so my answer may not be relevant, but here is the Manchester Regiment information.

All 6 of the VB's had their own badges.

After 1908 when the VF became the TF only the 7th Bn. had its own different cap badge worn until 1921 when it amalgamated with the 6th Bn.

In 1949 the regiment adopted a WM fleur de lys until 1964 when what was left wore an Anodised Aluminium one.

I would definately include the WM one.

This information relates to other ranks only.

Simon Butterworth

Manchester Regiment Collector
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