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Originally Posted by Alan O View Post
The 1964 stop date is for production of the East Anglian Brigade and the Forestors - I am not saying that the others were not made after that but you should not find either of those Bde badges being made from 1964, Of course the HCB were made after 1964 and indeed the Yorks and Wesex were made for decades afterwards as they continued to be worn by the TA.

yes the London/Bham could and may have overlapped esp if old sliders were in stock. I am not trying to end date the London mark for that reason.

Short answer - Gaunt Bham in use as early as 1964.
Or any time between 1958 and 1964. Nothing to say they weren't manufactured in say . . 1961, issued in 62 . . . 'short answer' is we don't know for sure.
True we know that they were using the Gaunt Bham mark as early as 1964 due to the wrapping up of Foresters and East Anglian Bdes that year who bear that mark. But we don't know how much earlier than that date the Birmingham mark was being used at the point of manufacture is my point really.

So an overlap of both marks during the sixties, unfortunately with no definite start year for the Gaunt Bham mark really, save that it was known to be at least as early as 1964 I believe is what we can say.
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