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What Chris says is essentially correct. You can however argue over the meaning of official. Some argue that official is endorsed by the dress committee, but then it might be endorsed, produced and withdrawn before issue or more importantly codification.

You could also argue that like most equipment (I underline most), the fact is that in stock holding and authorisation to use terms, items only become official when they have been codified iac with the UK and STANAG directives AND have appeared in the relevant catalogue (part of the configuration management process).

It doesn't really matter if they are withdrawn before issue, or rejected by the unit, technically the fact that an item has a NSN and has appeared in the issue/type catalogue, however briefly, makes it an official item whether we as purists and protectors of the regimental flame like it or not.

See my other posts about HLI A/A and Gordons A/A BY DAND variants, that I got off the shelves in the depot at Bicester - they may not have been issued, but they had a part number, were bought, held in stock then disposed of through the official MOD stock reconciliation processes and you can't actually get more official than that!.

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