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To summarise:

In 1966/7 the large regts are reduced in size/disbanded and the remaining sub units amalgamated.

Some companies/squadrons are themselves formed in to new amalgam regtl groupings.

The infantry abandon their pre-58 designs and adopt the Inf bde badges that were still in use.

The yeomanry retain their old badge designs at sqn level. Note- some regts do introduce a regtl badge such as the QOY.

However some sub units are split off to form TAVR III units made up of a inf/yeo/RA mix. The fact that the same parent unit could split sub-units off to both TAVR II and TAVRIII units has muddied the waters.

The new TAVR III regtl badges are designed but upon the cadreisation of the TAVRIII IN 1968, all badges are cancelled. Subsequent expansion of the TA takes this cadreised lineage to form the basis for TA expansion.

So the question remains: did the cadres of 8 men receive any of the TAVRIII badges and wear them, or did they continue with their old regtl designs? Knowing the TA mentality I suspect the latter but you never know.
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