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Originally Posted by L1A1 View Post
Hi All

I was just looking at C.R Cunliffe's excellent anodised badge collection on his website when I saw a picture of an anodised SWB cap badge. Underneath the caption it stated that it was an unofficial commission.

My particular interest in this badge is that I am currently putting together a collection of British Army badges for the year 1968 (September to be exact - month of my birthday).

The South Wales Borderers were still in existence at this time, so what I would like confirmation of is, what cap badge did they wear at this time? Until I saw the badge website, I thought that they wore this anodised badge but now I am guessing they might have still been wearing the Welsh Brigade badge until they became part of the Royal Regiment of Wales.

Any information would be most appreciated


Hi Ron,

The example that Chris is showing is an unofficial commission that was made by Gaunt probably in the late 1980's after being commission to do so by a dodgy dealer who flogged them off from his stall in the Arches at Charing Cross for 25 quid a pop.

The authentic badge was officially authorised and was priced, on on 25th November 1966, at 5 shillings and 3 pennies each. The example to obtain is the one made by Dowler and this is the one found on the standard pattern cards dated the 8th April 1964.

All this info is in my book with an example on page 271.


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