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I rather doubt if this particular could lie straight even when in bed.

Originally Posted by badger123 View Post
Its been said a thousand times on this forum that its important to do your homework before buying and this listing proves that point perfectly. I just feel sorry for the 6 or 7 bidders who have fell for the story.

I don't normally join in with the criticism of dealers and believe that even the best dealers (and collectors for that matter) make mistakes but when it comes to down and out fakes, they should always be exposed.

In this case, it appears that someone has gone to great lengths to make an item look like something it isn't.

So whats wrong with the Union Jack in this listing? The 5th Bn Y&L ceased to exist in 1936 when, like many Infantry TA Bn's, it became an anti aircraft unit 67th (The York & Lancaster Regiment) Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery.

A Union Jack made in 1942 couldn't possibly have belonged to the 5th Bn Y&L.

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