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Originally Posted by Alex Rice View Post
Hi Brian
That's a fantastic piece and amazing photo. Have you id'd the senior officer sitting? I though maybe Sir Pierre VR but I think not. Nice to see the rare embroidered collar badges being worn as well. Are the other 2 senior officers also Air Force? The helmets look the same as the captain but no brevets, though the guy on the left may have one slightly hidden by his aiguillette?I'm very interested because I'd never thought of the Air Force using the staff cap badge, so that's news to me. Can you see if the badges are just the lion on the crown or the lion holding the staves on the crown?
Thanks, cheers,
Alex I think the chap on the right was one of the Brinks, maybe George? Will try and find out more, Im sure there is a similar uniform in the SAAF museum?

Will Endley sent me this pic, he would have been able to confirm who is who.

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