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It is actually Divisional Support Regiment, which did at one point in 1945 include the three units you mention, the DofE/RLI was formed in 1943 and the Transvaal Scottish was subsequently merged to form the new battalion, which was known as the Divisional Support Regiment.

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I am desperately trying to put together all the Epaulette slip ons badged to the different South African formations deployed in the 6th South African Armoured Division. This is a recent purchase, a slip on badged to the Duke of Edinburgh's Own Rifles, that were part of the 13th South African Motorised Brigade as a component of a Battalion (?) denominated DSR, along with companies from the Transvaal Scottish and the Rand Light Infantry, if I get it right. I guess DSR stands for Dukes, Scots and Rands but I am sure somebody will know better. thank you in advance for your knowledge, gents!
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