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Not good to be beaten on penalties but had mixed feelings about a couple of things.

Rashford should have just taken a 'normal' penalty , his 'stutter' run and 'pause' before kicking may be the latest tactic/trick but as the rules on keepers moving off the line before the ball is kicked was brought in I feel the rules on players trying to get the keeper to move before they kick the ball is also unfair. This isn't aimed at any specific player.

Also , some of the England team immediately removing their medals as soon as they were placed round their necks was unsportsman like and disrespectful.

I'm not really a football fan/follower but there are areas of the game I'd like to see changed.

1. Respect for referee : Crowding the ref to get a decision , not acceptable in Rugby so shouldn't be allowed in football. Any dissent - yellow card !

2. Yellow Card : Bring in the 10 minute 'sin bin' , players would be less likely to "take one for the team" (or dive !) if it could result in them being binned.

3. Off side : Any "clear" off sides should be immediately flagged , allowing play to continue could result in a player being tackled/injured needlessly.

Just my opinions but would stop a lot of the unprofessional behaviour that has become the norm nowadays.

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