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Originally Posted by Peter Brydon View Post
The reason for my post about the ( ridiculously expensive ) archive on EBay ( and I wish I hadn’t bothered ) was that it seems to show the source of Ernest Martins information for the article on Badges of The OTC which was published in the Spring 1938 of the JSAHR.

An excellent ,well researched article ( in my opinion ) no matter what you might think about the author.

I agree with you here. It is a very well written article and it's a shame K&K did not cross reference it against their list of OTC badges. if I had one small criticism it is that he does not record all of the OTCs including those who wore a Regular pattern badge. He does say that contingent commanders did not give their permission for their details but I wonder why this was or perhaps they simply did not reply and in those days the information was just not accessible to him?

The fact that he went to the schools and confirmed what they wore is in stark contrast to K&K where they have attributed Hugh King's collection and not always got it right.

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