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I have been slowly working through Cadet Corps histories and the source material is very limited as they were often unfunded and unrecognised unlike the Junior Division OTCs which were in the Army list. Many WW1 VTCs had cadets but they were not school based. Although some schools did have VB affiliations prior to 1908 and wore their badges.

There were distinct times when Cadet Corps were raised in large numbers: first circa 1900 as a result of the Boer War. I have seen period accounts recording their demise after a few years (often due to lack of funding) and it was often the cadet corps in the (richer) public schools that continued and were turned into OTCs in 1908. These were seen as Officer-class units so got investment.

There was a second period of cadet Corps being formed in 1915 and again in 1917-18. Once again as with Boer War, the end of the war saw many close in 1919 when enthusiasm waned.

The cuts of 1930 saw many of the remaining (non OTC) cadet corps close although some did limp on or we re-raised again in WW2. Many schools did see ATC units raised in the late 30s or early 40s and I suspect this was due to RAF funding being available.

As regards this badge, I now do remember it being in the Bosleys auction so that is an expensive punt if you can't tie it to a known school. I have a few candidates worthy of research.

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