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Originally Posted by cbuehler View Post
Message received; I shall endeavor to post using the proper titles henceforth.
Sorry I didn’t mean to suggest that I think you should use ‘proper titles’, I’m all for some individuality. Found the title of this one intriguing as I’d never heard the A&SH referred to by that name.

But I do think in the text it is worth putting the name of the regiment in a format which can be searched. However, totally up to the poster - it’s their thread after all!

Pleasantly this is a very tolerant forum, I viewed the GWF yesterday and see one of their mods locks threads the minute unidentified photos are deemed not WW1. Dreadful. Thankfully ours are much more convivial.

Originally Posted by cbuehler View Post
To further this, I spent some time closely examining both badges and have determined that the wreath portion is indeed identical to both, only the center, including title and devices, differs.
That, and the placement of the lugs with the same "feet" and exactly the same concavity would indicate that they are from one maker.

Very possible.
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