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Originally Posted by Luke H View Post
All the cap badge repros marked Allen are rare in their own right, I’ve only ever seen 5 or 6 and in years of looking on eBay every day encountered just 2.

Sadly I’ve no idea if their fakery and marks extends to shoulder titles so cannot help I’m afraid.

But in this case that you’ve not seen another I don’t think counts as a positive, it is a strange thought that some fakes are rare but in the case of Allen that is certainly true - at least regards cap badge.

Also I’ve never seen a genuine British Army cap badge with their mark either.
I found some Police badges with this mark for sale online, but that does not prove anything, as they might be fakes also.

As I already said, I could not find a single image of this maker on a genuine badge, -except possibly the police badges I just mentioned-, but not anything 100% so sadly it seems to be a bad un.

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