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Originally Posted by grey_green_acorn View Post
Ernest J Martin may have offered to resign from the MHS in the 1950s but he continued to write articles for the Bulletin until at least 1975.

The MHS met at the Duke of York’s HQ in the King’s Road in the early days and were meeting at the NAM in the 1990s when the DOY HQ site was sold for redevelopment.

That was a first hand account from someone who was there.

He also told me of Gaylor’s activities re staybrites reproductions which are an accepted fact on here now and came to light via other sources.

I doubt the Martin story would be untrue given the other is openly accepted. I would also suggest the adverts would be in the local papers, but as I trust the person implicitly I do not feel the need to go searching.

Also the MHS records should also show if Martin resigned from the committee, even if he did continue to write articles for decades after.
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