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Originally Posted by Luke H View Post
I’ve heard Martin was a great man of letters and asking for badges.

In the 1950s when the MHS still met at the IWM the staff became suspicious of packages arriving addressed to EJ Martin C.O. the IWM. It transpired he had advertised in all the local Wandsworth and Bermondsey papers for their service battalion cap and in latter cases collar badge (pairs) supposedly for the IWM. Needless to say the IWM had no knowledge of this.

I’m told he was giving the option at the next AGM of resigning or being denounced from the committee, he chose the former.
Ernest J Martin may have offered to resign from the MHS in the 1950s but he continued to write articles for the Bulletin until at least 1975.

The MHS met at the Duke of York’s HQ in the King’s Road in the early days and were meeting at the NAM in the 1990s when the DOY HQ site was sold for redevelopment.

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