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I call him Mr. 88 as I first noticed him when his feedback score was that (88), albeit it’s up to 97 now at time of writing.

Often I watch lots of badges on eBay, many out of my league, just out of curiosity and to see where they end up and I noticed said feedback score popping up on items that went big… very big.

He was an underbidder on ‘candarock5455’ EviiiR RHA which caused a furore selling for £395.

Underbidder on the £335 Guards Machine Gun Regiment also discussed in a thread on 12/11.

The winner of the mystery Coldstream Guards badge in my thread at £520 on 25/11

Same night underbidder again on this Black Watch NCOs which sold for £517 !!!

Bounced back and won this one for just £104 on 22/11.

Then paid £114 for this Lambourne marked Cheshire Yeomanry 28/11 !!!

(… I have 3 of these so if you’re reading Mr. 88 and fancy a spare, call me)

Now the above South Lancs plastic. No it’s not worth what it’s currently at, nor were most of the above.

A new collector on the block perhaps? But certainly a man of means.

And a coincidence that 3 of those badges were the topic of threads on here?
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