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Originally Posted by edstorey View Post
Correct water bottles may be a little harder to find, few are dated but take note of the colour of the felt covering and the colour of the enamel bottle (blue) in the one that I posted and if you find one like that you will be okay. Water bottles go by mark designation, with Mk V and Mk VI being the ones you will see in use in WWII. Yours appears to be a Mk VII (with brownish/greenish enamel) which shows up with WWII dated carriers but these water bottles are post-WWII British. There are lots of the Mk VIIs and they show up everywhere as WWII but they are not, cost of a WWII water bottle, again about $20.00.
I have seen a bunch of blue water bottles for sale, listed as RAF water bottles. I believe they have a slightly different colour of felt covering (a bluish grey shade). I do know where I can pick up a nice, correct water bottle - blue enamel with the proper olive drab cover. I would have bought it earlier, but I did not know if it was correct or not. Thanks again for the tip!

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