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Originally Posted by edstorey View Post
'Small time' collector or not, why go to all the trouble to get the BD Tunic and badges correct and then not care about the equipment?
I do care about the equipment (perhaps just not to the same extent as you might)! I recognize you as being one of the foremost collector's in the country, and I definitely value your opinion! Your advice is invaluable to a "beginner" like myself.

My e-tool helve is war-time dated (1945) and in beautiful condition. I will keep it, but I will keep an eye open for an early war example to go with it. The cup didn't cost me much, so I will keep it as well. Besides - it is Korean War dated, and I don't mind having some Korean War dated items in my small collection. That part of our history needs to be preserved as well.

As for the water bottle, I will try to find one that is WW2 correct, as it will be displayed with my BD tunic. Thanks for the tips on finding one that is correct!

Don't worry - I have already marked the tunic. If it passes to somebody else, it is identified as having non-original badging.

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