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To answer the last question first, I believe the screens used by the manufacturer were simply reused for the late war run of canvas. The manufacturer did not know about the change or did not want to spend the time and money on cutting new screens. (I think the former is more likely. The order went out to the manufacturer without the Canadian army telling them the pattern had changed.)
Dwayne, I also have a brassard attributed to the Italian theatre with the last version of the RCR title. The brassards would have been worn well into the fall of 1944, until the khaki drill uniforms were replaced by the winter issue battledress. Comments about the change over can be found in various regimental histories, and if I remember correctly, it was well into October or later before the change occured. I would also be interested in the date the style of title changed, and more importantly, why was the pattern was changed?
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