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Originally Posted by Infanteer View Post
Does anyone have an official reference explaining/authorizing the wearing of coloured backings with cap badges starting late in the Second World War and again in the post war period? Anything specific to the Loyal Edmonton Regiment or PPCLI would be ideal. I had a routine order at one time but can’t find it again.

Try this Infanteer, from the Canadian Gazette -

CAO 84-1 dated 25 August 1947
Dress Regulations for Officers and Other Ranks of the Canadian Army (Provisional):
Part 1 – Section 11, Coloured flash – backing for Cap badge:
1. Coloured flashes will be worn behind the cap badge on the beret, bonnet…(and) caps winter…
2. The coloured flashes will be of the same shape as the appropriate cap badge and will extend ¼ inch beyond the badge on all sides…

It then lists the colours but I only took notes for RCA so can't help you with infantry.

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