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Originally Posted by Postwarden View Post
If I may go back to the start of this thread which asked why there were two signs on the left arm of the JG jacket...

In August 1955 GOC-in-C FARELF asked the War Office Dress Committee if all ranks of the Brigade of Gurkhas when not serving with 17th Gurkha Infantry Division - whose formation sign he noted was now ‘two white kukris on green [sic]’ - could wear two white kukris on black as an arm flash to indicate their membership of the Brigade of Gurkhas.

The Dress Committee’s chairman, pointing out that the green and black backgrounds might fade with wear and be confused, suggested that the white on green version should be worn on both arms when serving with the Division but on one arm only when serving elsewhere, a suggestion the Gurkha Brigade’s Liaison Officer was asked to put to FARELF.

Further discussion in November 1955 reached a compromise; the divisional sign would remain crossed kukris on green whilst those serving with another formation would wear crossed kukris on black on the left arm only together with ‘the formation sign of the formation etc to which they are attached’ .

Great info Jon, I'm looking forward to that cloth book of yours.
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