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I would just be interested to know where those D Day lapel poppies were actually made, it is rather strange that there is absolutely nothing whatsoever included that gives the answer, all the more so, given the lack of publicity when compared to the Somme poppies and the other similar.

Originally Posted by mike_vee View Post
At the moment there are 6 different sellers with the cheapest being 5.00 , another at 20.00 and 3 taking 'bids'. Only 1 of the sellers (bids up to 8.50) has stated that 100% profits going to RBL , all the others do not mention the charity at all !

I pointed out the ridiculous prices being asked to the RBL , I also questioned where the D-Day 75 lapel pins were made . Their response was ;

"Thanks for bringing this to our attention, i will forward this over to poppy appeal."

I won't hold my breath waiting for a reply.

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