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Originally Posted by 4966Ian View Post
Hi Again,

Sorry, it has taken a while to go through all the pictures. Thanks for showing them, and putting the sizes and backmarks. As it will make future reference so much easier and useful.

With regards to Button 62 - Bottom of Page 1.

62. H.A.C. and KC; gilt 19 mm, could this be Honourable Artillery Company?; Firmin, London

This button is shown in Norman Litchfield's book on Royal Artillery Buttons.
See Page 25 - The Honourable Artillery Company.
It shows exactly the same crown which it calls a 'high arched crown (Victorian)' .

However, that is where the good news stops as it says:

"Exactly who wore this button and when is not known - being in gilt and brass it is possible they were worn by the Artillery Division at some time. The back mark on the officer’s button “J. BIDEN, 46 Cheapside” suggests it was in use prior to 1840. The other rank’s version with the backmark ”Firmin, London” indicates that it was also in use at a much later date."

So I am afraid it is a sort of a good news - bad news answer.

All the best

Thank you for your help.
Norman Litchfield was one of the leading button experts. Only a true expert will tell you he is unsure of the use of a button.
There do not seem too many around and I am now listing it as a private purchase military button.
(and there is one more book to get hold of)
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