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Originally Posted by stevjp View Post
Further to the C M Bay query, Its extremely rare to see any maker marks other than RD numbers to Reio badges.
Attached is a 19th Collar, which has a maker mark, but I can't figure it out as its so faint and also with age, my eye's aren't what they used to be (even with glass and a magnifying glass!!!!)...:-).... It has no RD number to front.
The NZ Army Ordnance Dept Badge is just to show a C M Bay maker mark.
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The C M Bay manufacturing/designing the 1st NZ Cycle Company badge is an old debate that is professed by some, but so far has always turned out to be just hearsay.

However the C M Bay stamping on both the Home Service NZ Army Ordnance Dept Badge and the Home Service NZ Army Ordnance Corps Badge are undeniable.
It is my opinion Cecil Bay was responsible for the engraving of both these badge dies. However, I suspect the dies may have been used by other manufacturers as the need for more badges was required, Which would explain why some are maker marked and some are not.

I suspect your 23rd collar stamp is an RD number.

As for the bronze or white metal version of the Volunteers Cycle badge, forum member Omok1 (aka Craig Hooper) has these in his collection, hopefully he will share a picture.
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