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Default Better Late than Never

I guess itís time to do the introduction. Bought my first badges in 1980. Went in to a store looking for Dungeons and Dragons miniatures (in London, Ontario). They had them but also stamps, coins, uniforms and on the back wall Ė badges. Badges with dragons, sphinxes, and eagles on them. (Sadly, it appears that they are coming up as fakes).
At some point I decided to focus on Canadaís Second World War Division and three (reduced to two) tank brigades. Got that done twenty years ago and started dabbling.
Brings us to now and the projects Iíve got going:
1) Canadian Overseas Corps like Postal Corps,
2) Miscellaneous Canadian like Corps troops (RCD), overseas garrison duty, Kiska, in Br. Divisions,
3) British Regiments of the XXX Corps that fought as part of 1st Canadian Army for the Rhineland (which prompted my Monmouth question).

Two questions have come to mind since joining.
What do you do with the badges that enter your collection and turn out to be fake (which is turning out to be a common theme with me)?
If you were to buy a book on British cap badges, generally, and WWII, specifically, what would it be?
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