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Originally Posted by slick_mick View Post
The unit was only raised in the 1930s and never saw service during WW1.

I thought there was a armoured car unit in the middle east during WW1.

" The Light Patrol Car story began as soon as news of the War reached Australia, with the commencement of a plan by a small group of motor enthusiasts, to furnish armoured cars to the Australian Imperial Force. They experimented with armour plate and weaponry and finally produced what they believed to be three suitable vehicles, a 50hp Daimler (named Gentle Annie), a 60 HP Mercedes and a 60 HP Minerva unarmoured tender, together with a 6HP motorcycle and side car.

With these vehicles, the 1st Australian Armoured Car Section (later to become the 1st Australian Light Car Patrol) sailed from Port Melbourne on 20 June 1916 aboard HMAT Katuna, bound for Port Tewfik, at the southern end of the Suez Canal."

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