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Good point Mike and it is a possibility. However our chemical warfare units and establishments were granted a distinctive purple patch in 1943 and it is unlikely they wore any previous to this because they were trying for permission to wear the LHQ Troops engineer patch at the end of 1942.

The circle tended to distinguish 4 Aust Div and early war 9 Aust Div, neither of which had CW units directly under comd. I am wondering if the inner circle is simply chocolate, with a yellow or sky blue strip, and whether perhaps it was for 2/11 Aust Fd Amb raised in the UK in 1940.

Another alternative might be 3/14 Aust Fd Amb but a photo I have of a member of this unit shows him wearing just the 4 Aust Div AAMC chocolate circle with grey background. Nice to know there are still some surprises out there to keep the interest going.

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