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Originally Posted by magu View Post
Hi Alan
During my research into the mention in despatches award and using the website of Mr Peter Ghiringhelli B.A.(Hons), M.A. at
I came to the conclusion that the award may have been made during ww1 in either a civilian role or as a p.o.w based on the following . . . . .
In all likelihood (and probably the simplest answer), the MID is not mounted on a medal riband because, at the time that the soldier had that particular BD jacket, the 1939-45 War Medal had not yet been authorized (that didn't happen until June 1946) and thus not yet issued to him. The two ribands that are on the jacket are the 39-45 Star and the France and Germany Star. That second ribbon would indicate operational service after 6 June 1944. From my cursory study, the campaign stars were the first medals authorized for WW2 service, starting with the Africa Star being the first ribbon available (1943?) with the authorization of the other stars by mid-1945(the actual gongs were not generally made and distributed until after the war ended).

In looking through a number of photos from the 1945/46 time frame showing uniforms with ribbons visible I've found a few where (some?) campaign star ribbons are there but the War Medal is not. Unfortunately none of those photos involve individuals who were MID during that war.

While the following was Canadian Army direction in August 1946, regulations and availability of medals/ribbons in the British Army would likely have been similar.

56. The single bronze oak leaf Emblem signifying in the Forces and the Merchant Navy, either a Mention in Despatches, a King's Commendation for brave conduct, or a King's Commendation for valuable service in the air, is at present attached directly to the coat after all the ribbons, or by itself. If granted for service in the war of 1939-45, it will be worn on the ribbon of The War Medal.
I did try a search of the London Gazette for members of the Westminster Dragoons awarded the MID, but had no joy.
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