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Default Light Infantry Connection SEC Cap Badge ? Essex?

An interesting cabinet card recently acquired showing a young man serving with an unknown Unit which I thought I would share for Forum Members views.

Although not of the best quality the photograph shows he is wearing blackened light infantry bugle style collar badges and buttons and has a similar strung bugle badge in his cap, interestingly under the cap badge are the letters 'SEC', similar in form to a metal shoulder title.

Photographed at the B Barry Studio, Barking Road, London which may have some bearing on the identification of the Unit in question.

An internet search for 'SEC' as a Military Unit has not thrown up anything definite although I wondered if the 'E' could refer to Essex bearing in mind the Studio Location.

Another thing that struck me was the fact that the cap and collar badges have the flared open end of the bugle to the viewers right whilst the majority of Light Infantry badges I have seen face to the left.

Any views or thoughts on identification would be most welcome.

Regards, Simon.
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