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An interesting take on the motto here:

Please excuse the following ramblings, given various uses of the motto, but the following struck me as potentially interesting

I have not fully researched the use of the motto back to todays 'Special Boat Service' but have heard accounts of it being associated with Roger Courtney of Commando Special Boat Section - I think this may arise through confusion of the abbreviation SBS. Roger's brother Geoffrey suggests adoption of 'Excreta Tauri Astutos Frustrantur' ('Bullshit Baffles Brains') for Commando SBS. I have an idea that 'Not by Strength by Guile' was adopted by Jellicoe's Special Boat Squadron - If so, this is an interesting link between the Beatty and Jellicoe families (recalling respective exploits at Jutland) ie Jellicoe's son's use of the Beatty family motto.

Any thoughts appreciated - PM please if a diversion from the main subject of this thread

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