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Originally Posted by Sonofacqms View Post
Could anyone tell me exactly why this badge is described as "rare", I am not a big fan of anodised badges, but surely these were issued during the 1950-60's or is this another badge that was rejected by those it was made for and they carried on wearing G/M or W/M badges?


In cap badge size it was officially authorised for issue. During my research in early 2010's I was never able to obtain an example from any collector or museum source. Therefore, as per its KC version also authorised for issue, I made a note that:

'... although authorised for issue the badge is not thought to have been bulk manufactured...'

I was flagged and shown an example about 12 months ago and this was the first one found in the collecting community.

It is rare because it is well, rare as are many other A/A cap badges.


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