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Default Badges of the Public School Corps article

Hi John

That’s ever so good of you. I’ve now sent you a PM with my e-mail address, and very much look forward to receiving a copy of the article in due course. Don’t know why I’m only getting the ‘Snippet view’, but maybe it’s something to do with the computer I’m using!? Anyroad, thank you again for offering to let me have a copy of this - much appreciated.

Best regards

From Hindoostan, Gibraltar and Almanza; to Dunblane, Alma and Brandywine: Tigers, Steelbacks, Dutch Guards, Leather Hats, Nanny Goats and Red Feathers!
Interested in style and variation of post-1893 regimental cap badges for the Leicesters, the Northamptons, the Warwicks, the K.L.R., the R.W.F. and the D.C.L.I.

“Scutelliphiliacus in vestri insignia pergaudete”

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