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There was a small unit 'native to the colony, used for what were euphemistically called 'anti-bandit' activities, though I suspect there were real bandits, smugglers and raiders as well as tribesmen who simply didn't take to British rule.

"The Aden Troop was created in 1855 to police the territory which was technically only 80 square miles but had a vast hinterland of 9000 miles of desert and mountain known as the Aden Protectorate. Its chiefs were nominally under the control of a political resident who was also the military commander.

The Aden troop was recruited from members of Scinde Horse and Poona Horse with an Arab Levy to act as guides. It later substituted its horses for camels and it was generally involved in patrolling against bandits. The troop was later used in Somaliland and existed until its disbandment in 1927."

I'm not sure what other troops if any would have been there in '97-'98. Was there something happening then which might have required reinforcements?
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