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Hi folks

Picked this up a few years ago and have been wondering about the tartan patches on the cover.

The cover made from thick card has an RAOC brass cap badge attached to a red disc (not sure if the significance of the red disc) flanked either side by two tartan patches which look to be Mckenzie tartan but I could be wrong, what the significance of these patches is I don't know. Was it a Scottish MT Company? The formation sign on the back of the Staff car at the end is the sign for HQ Scottish Command. Were the patches ever worn or is this just the artistic licence?

Inside there are four coloured drawings in pen and paint with a small humorous verse beneath each one. The detail is amazing.

Note in the corner of each D-90, D-60, D-30 and then finally D-Day. Also note the Arm of Service strip colour on the front is REME and also there are some small flags in the pictures that look like REME.

Also note that as the days pass there are fewer and fewer soldiers until the last one when it's just the Commanding Officer and his ATS driver.

The verse as you can tell refers to the less glamorous roles of those who also served but who's role was in support of the landings and not fighting on the beaches of Normandy.

What a great shame there is no signature or details of the artist.

Any ideas on narrowing down the unit would be fab.

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