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G'day Jim

The uniform is the first type of jacket, it has a cloth waiste belt and buckle and has flat 4 hole buttons. The belt lost its tongue and buckle later and the buttons became the familliar domed blackened brass button with the map of Australia. The jacket has collar dogs, some dont. The trousers are of a "nicker bocker" type and finnish just below the knee, thats why they baloon around the knee. The men wore long johns and long sox with the puttees wound up from the boots to over the lower end of the trousers. Light horse jodpurs were longer going down to the calf but still not to the ankle, they wore heavy leather leggings from the boots up to just below the knees.

It was common to be issued with a cap rather than a slouch hat when you enlisted. The hats seem to have been issued later and some men wore the cap in Galopolli others wore the slouch hat but the tin hat wasnt issued till 1916 when they were in the western front.

There are a lot of photos like this taken before the men embarked with them wearing peaked caps. Sorry I cant see a lanyard but that wouldnt tell us much, I suspect hes infantry, the only thing we can say is that hes not light hores,

I hope that this helps.


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