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Originally Posted by kingsley View Post
Thanks for the corrections, I did succeed in loading the pictures one at a time. Is it possible to open a whole page at a time?
That depends very much on your skills in IT and of course in the operating system and thus the tools you have available.

You could store the whole page in some file and then use an editor to change all the \s into /s. And then load the edited page in your browser. That is roughly what I would try. But as the URL inside the page is relative to the URL of the page, you have to make them absolute to point from your local stored page to the remote pictures. Which requires to change the .\ (or maybe ./ after the first action) in

To take my example from above:
<p align="center"><img src=".\Anodised Territorial_files\0001.jpg" width="128" Height="155" BORDER="2"></p>
must be replaced by
<p align="center"><img src=" Territorial_files/0001.jpg" width="128" Height="155" BORDER="2"></p>
and that for all img specifications in the page.

There will most probably be more of those URL pointers (not to images) inside the page. When you do not change them, the page will miss some items, but the pictures will be there. When you want it in full glory, you have to change all the other URLs also.

But, as advised earlier, an e-mail to the web-master might help him to repair his site.
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