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Can't answer your questions definitively but below is an extract from John Rawlinson's Personal Distinctions book in the RM Band section

The first distinctive shoulder badge was ‘RY’ in gilding metal and this was introduced in 1924. in 1926 an embroidered ‘RY’ red on blue appears in the clothing list. Both these titles were superseded in 1927 when a ‘badge, shoulder Royal Yacht’ was introduced (King's crown version of the Royal Yacht Title). In 1952 the imperial crown was replaced with the St Edward’s crown and the badge is found in large size for blue uniform and jersey wool heavy and in reduced size for Lovat and mess kit and on white for stone
On the demise of HMY Britannia the ‘Royal Yacht’ title was replaced with ‘Royal Band’. Unlike the Royal Yacht flash, the Royal Band flash is worn by all officers, NCOs and other ranks including buglers.

I have attached a picture of the RY titles I have plus a picture of the gilding metal RY title. There was also a King's crown red on blue/black Royal Yacht title and a gold on red mess dress Royal Yacht title but I am still looking for versions of these.

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