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Sorry for delay in getting back, but I don't go on line every day.
It is a good point you make, The purist would not want one as it was not ordnance issue. If it was worn in service official or not I'm happy with it, but undecided if for OCA.

The ones for the GMP OCA were apparently made in the 90's (he is looking for the receipt) and were only sold to members of the GMP association at a cost of 30. They are made in Silver but not hallmarked and have the slider, not lugs. The originals apparently are made from an aluminium type metal and cost 50 cent malay!! about 12p!!!! So if alloy its genuine if Silver OCA.

The guys remember this clearly due to the following fact I was unaware of.
At this time the RMP SD caps were Khaki with detachable Red covers. The RMP badge had a slider. They made a hole in the front of the cover, passed the slider thro then fixed it to the cap. This kept the cover taut and smart. The lugs on the GMP badge meant they couldn't do this, so the cap cover lost it smartness!!! They did mention that the unofficial ones were collected in.

The Collars were not common issue. It does appear however that the ex members mention these as being sold at the early reunions as 'ladies brooches' and mention made that they were collars. these have the gold scrolls and the pin.

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