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Originally Posted by dokotela View Post
I would be grateful for help with my grandfather’ flashes.

I know he served with the “Q”SC and drove trucks. I know he served with the Regiment Botha at one stage before they deployed to active service.

Here is a photo of his flashes plus some Botha badges and his Blood Oath flash.

Could anyone ID the brown cloth flashes. I recall him telling me that at least one of them went on his pith helmet.

Many thanks in advance,

Stephen you can get a chap by the name of Dewald Nel to pull your Dads records from the archives for a small researcher's fee, well worth it. Interesting flashes never seen those before?

Just a quick correction, our troops did not sign a "Blood Oath", it was just an oath the majority (not all) signed and wore these red/orange tabs as proof that he was prepared to serve outside South African borders.

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