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[QUOTE=Dan M;519435]The medal was awarded if a person, serving in the Canadian Forces, met the criteria for it. Country of origin was not a factor.

Dan, I was unable to find my book by Surgeon Commander F.J. Blatherwick, CD., Canadian Orders, Decorations and Medals untill now. Reference the American being in possession of the CVSM, your statement was a little ambiguous. Blatherwick’s book clearly states, “TERMS: Awarded to Canadiansfor 18 months voluntary service between 2 September 1939 and 2 September 1945, or for any voluntary service outside Canada.” One could construe that the word Canadian would therefore be the criteria. I have the post nominal CD, I am not Canadian, but the medal is a “Canadian Forces” (in which I served)Decoration.The criteria here is “Canadian Forces”. Nevertheless, still an interesting puzzle! Surely his service records are available somewhere?
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