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Originally Posted by manchesters View Post
This may fit in your work Alan, re Hulme Grammar School OTC. When badges to this OTC turn up they are usually described as Hulme Grammar School, Oldham. That is NOT true. They belong to Hulme Grammar School, Manchester, a different school, but founded by the same person William Hulme. I have been in correspondance with Hulme Grammar School, Oldham and they didnt have an OTC. They did have a CCF which first began on 11.2.1941 as 601 (The Hulme Grammar School Oldham) Squadron, ATC.
On 1.9.1948 O.H.G.S. CCF replaced this unit and it was affiliated to the local T.A. Battalion, the 41st Royal Tank Regiment (T.A.), which was formally the 10th Bn. The Manchester Regiment prior to WW2. The Cadets wore the black beret and RTR cap badge.

I have 4 versions of the Hulme Grammar School badge.

The first is the all WM lions head (K&K 2576)

The second is the GM demi-lion and scrolls with H.G.S and Cadet Corps thereon (K&K 2577)

The 3rd is a GM demi-lion and scrolls as above but with H.G.S. and O.T.C. theron.

My 4th is just a Bz OSD badge of the second version

K& K also perpetuate the myth that this is in Oldham.
Hulme School Manchester set up a cadet corps in 1915. The cadet corps badge is the one in K&K. It then became a OTC. The OTC badge had an amended scroll.

The cadet corps badge was replaced by the OTC version when the school OTC was granted OTC status. The CC continued to run in parallel for the younger boys. This change of status is dated by the school history:

In October, 1935 the School Cadet Corps, on the strength of its record, was one of seven units chosen by the War Office from 194 applicants for promotion to the status of Officers Training Corps. The School unit was attached to the Manchester Regiment and received much help from its officers in the early years of its altered status.

The single lion head badge does not belong to that school cadet unit as far as I can find. Hulme GS Manchester have come back to me about their CCF cap badge and confirmed that the cadets wore the Manchester Regiment cap badge after the OTC/CC one. This rules out the single lion head being a CCF badge from either Hulme Manchester or Oldham schools and strongly suggest that K&K and Rawlins misidentified K&K 2576 as a cadet badge.

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